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Landmark Christian School – Quality, Christian Education

Landmark Christian School is a private, Christian school offering K4 through 12th grade. It began in 1964 as a result of the burden of the founding pastor, Reverend E. Leslie Sharp. Dr. and Mrs. Sumpter joined the staff in 1970, the same year that our first grade was added. An additional grade level was added each year. It is the continued burden of Landmark Baptist Church to provide quality education with a Bible basis to the children of LBC and the community.  It has remained a place that not only provides opportunities for a strong, solid education, but a haven for young people as they grow and mature in the things of the Lord. We seek to help students set the highest goals for their lives mentally, physically, and spiritually.

LCS is an education ministry of Landmark Baptist Church. The school is supported spiritually and financially by the giving members of this local church. All of the LCS teachers are active members of Landmark Baptist Church and are seeking to use their natural and developed gifts in the lives of each of their students.

 The traditional classroom is the basis of preschool K-4 through 12th grade instruction. Thorough study of fundamental principles in all subjects is emphasized with curriculum materials including those from ABeka and Bob Jones University Press.

We seek to provide quality facilities with spacious classrooms, clean cafeterias, a safe gymnasium, sports fields and playground, two age appropriate libraries, and computer and science labs. We feel that you will find our school comparable to some of the best schools around!

The school is a member of the Old Dominion Association of Church Schools (ODACS), as well as a member of the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS).

Landmark Christian School is dedicated to helping families train a new generation of strong Christian disciples, and helping students become strong leaders in their country, communities, and families. We thank you for your consideration and pray that God’s favor will bring your students our direction.

We ask that all prospective families read the LCS Student Handbook before beginning the application process. We believe that cooperation from home is vital to the education process. After reading this material, there is a basic application form that can be picked up from the school office or downloaded online. Upon submitting the application form, a testing date will be scheduled for the student.

You may view the school during normal office hours. A tour will be given by the principal or an administrator. We ask that you schedule tour appointments ahead of time through the school office.

  • Our goal is to support the family’s endeavor to foster strong Christian character. Jesus Christ is the basis of our standard and expectations. The Bible and prayer are central themes in the classroom throughout the day. Bible classes and chapels emphasize Biblical teachings and principles to students on every level. Gospel centeredness, truth, kindness, modesty, decency, and good manners are taught and expected in the life of every student. We regulate dress by a dress code and strictly prohibit all inappropriate worldly lifestyle and material including vulgar language, “rated R” materials, rap, rock, and pop styled music, and any form of indecency.
  • LCS also competes in the ODACS and AACS regional, state, and national Bible, Fine Art, and Academic Competitions. Recent success from LCS includes state victory and national competitions in speech, testing, piano, organ, vocal solo, and high-school choir. In 2012, LCS finished the Fine Arts competition ranked third in the state of Virginia.
  • We offer a full range of music instruction starting in the upper elementary classes. Students enjoy learning to develop their talents while using them in a Christ honoring way. Recent achievements include competition victories for the elementary and high school choirs. In 2011 and 2013, the LCS high school choral group was ranked first in the state and traveled to Bob Jones University in South Carolina for national competitions.
  • A competitive sports program is available for 7th -12th grades that includes girls’ volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading and boys’ soccer and basketball. A spring track and field program is also available for 4-12th grade. We compete against other ODACS schools which makes games competitive and gives everyone the opportunity to learn and develop.